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23,500 FCFA

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Localité: Sassandra
Prix: 23,500 FCFA Négociable

SSD CHEMICAL SOLUTION IN SOUTH AFRICA + 27817649092.Dear Customer, We the Mercury Chemical Consultant Group have seven many zonal designations around the globe and we guarantee a 100% assurance for a perfect work-done to any of our client / customer. There

 is no risk to be taken in this transaction because we use a computerized cleansing detergent and none of our client / customer pays money up-front before the completion of his / her defaced currency, we work on (20%) in agreement that we will be providing all

 the required Materials, + 27817649092 Chemicals and Activation Powder including Machine to complete the work and we will be taking our percentage as soon as the job done. So, I advise any individual / companies / cooperate bodies who have such defaced currency to

 act swiftly to the completion of their notes, especially those that are having a defaced dollar because the American federal treasury has declared and invented a new design of a $ 100 bill (ie the old $ 100 bill MAY not be tenderly useful at the market in

 the nearest future). In-case our client does not live nearby; we convey the materials / chemicals to any country by sending our various +27817649092 Representatives / Technicians. Everything about the shipment of the materials / solution to any countries is free

 of charge BUT remember that the 20% cannot be DENIED after the cleansing of your defaced currency. If understood and accepted, I request you to send us the details below: 1. Your Name: 2. Your Contact Number: 3. Your Home Address: 4. What is the denomination

 of the currency? 5. Are you ready to pay the 20% of the total money after the work done? You are at the right [email protected]

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