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9,000 FCFA

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Localité: Abidjan
Prix: 9,000 FCFA Négociable

BLACK MONEY CLEANING SSD SOLUTION CHEMICAL+ACTIVATION POWDER We are globally known to be experts in CLEANING BLACK MONEY ( BLACK DOLLARS,EUROS,POUNDS) and other Defaced currencies won or acquired through lottery award,security companies,loans,investment funds and next of kin with AUTOMATIC SSD Solution, Activation powder, mercury powder and other SSD chemicals.Cleaning black money,black dollar notes, black coated notes, Activating Powder, cleaning Black money chemicals. Besides, All our SSD chemicals are sold with detailed manual guides that provide comprehensive instructions on how to use the SSD chemical solution to perform the black money cleaning for those that do not need our technicians expatriate assistant to clean black money.AUTOMATIC Black Money Cleaning Machine is also available for HUGE AMOUNTS. We are the major SSD solution manufacturers in UK and SSD solution chemical suppliers ALL OVER THE WORLD .We have in stock, SSD solution for sale and our SSD solution price to our customers is based on company rate.Hence, Our technicians are highly qualified and are always ready to handle the black money cleaning perfectly with ssd chemical.They also give tutorials on how to clean black dollars to some anti breeze customers online. Our SSD solution price is affordable and our SSD Chemical SSD solution in ASIAN COUNTRIES,AFRICA,USA AND EUROPE TURKEY,INDIA,KUWAIT,IRAQ,IRAN,EGYPT,MALAYSIA,SUDAN,PAKISTAN,DUBAI is 100% and we also work on commission base based 

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